Eagle Academy

Program Description

The Eagle Educational Academy Day Program provides special education services to adolescents.  We are located in the historic Eagle Building in downtown Pittsfield, MA.

Eagle Educational Academy provides specialized programming for middle school and high school students in grades 6-12. Our  program is designed to provide a small, safe and supportive environment for students who have significant behavioral and/or social emotional needs  and who have had difficulty accessing the general education curriculum in a traditional middle/high school setting.

Eagle Educational Academy provides individualized and small group instruction for academics delivered by licensed teachers.  In addition, the program offers counseling services, case management, social skills instruction, life skills and job readiness training.

Our Program works collaboratively with many community agencies to support and enhance programming, including but not limited to:  Berkshire Museum, MassHire, Barrington Stage, YMCA, The Christian Center of Pittsfield, Williams College, Boys and Girls Club, and Shakespeare & Co.

Students referred to  Eagle Academy have significant social/emotional needs and exhibit challenging, often unskillful  behaviors in a typical school setting.  All students have identified disabilities and receive special education services through an IEP.  Students come to us with a history of chronic behavior problems which have resulted in disciplinary action, including multiple suspensions.

Educationally related questions and concerns should be addressed or discussed with Brian Kelley, Director of Eagle Educational Academy.  You may request a meeting or appointment by calling 413-449-4927.

You are expected to follow through in all areas of your educational process as these school years prepare you for your future. Your dedication and cooperation will benefit you. Behavior and attitude in school is expected to be positive and appropriate at all times (see Behavior Management).  You are expected to respect others’ rights to study.

Our Mission

In order to foster academic excellence, and inspire students to set and achieve personal goals at the highest level, Eagle Educational Academy, focuses on instilling knowledge, confidence, and personal goal setting, while providing a safe, respectful and engaging environment in which all students can learn and grow.  Together, with families, teachers, administrators, and community partners, our mission is to offer a comprehensive alternative education program that will encourage and empower students to maximize his or her potential for success.  Students will acquire the 21st century skills necessary to become productive students, responsible citizens and lifelong learners in a dynamic, diverse world.